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It is possible that you will have a small amount of water in your mouthpiece, so to avoid inhaling water into your throat, we use airway control. The following are proper airway control points to remember if you have water in your mouthpiece:

  • Exhale sharply through the mouthpiece, or use the purge to remove water.
  • After clearing your regulator, inhale cautiously.
  • Use your tongue as a splash guard by putting the tongue tip on the roof of your mouth when taking initial breaths.
  • After inhaling slowly, exhale sharply to expel any water left.

If you cough from inhaling a little water, don’t worry. Relax and cough into the mouthpiece while holding it in your mouth. With experience, it will all seem very easy.

Even if you have to be sick underwater, you can simply hold the mouthpiece and be sick. It's obviously not a nice feeling being sick anywhere, but it can be done underwater!

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