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In the unlikely event, you experience a failure situation, you should know what to do. Your instructor will demonstrate the skills and then give you time to practice. Here is what to do if the following occur.

  • Failed Instruments (No Display): To simulate this situation, your instructor may signal something is wrong by pointing to the instruments and giving the no display/dead hand signal. You should then:
    • Signal to your buddy, and follow ascent procedures.
    • Simulate a safety stop (on your buddy’s advice), hover off the bottom for a few minutes, and ascend to the surface.
  • Feeling Uncomfortable/Unwell: If you experience light-headedness, shortness of breath, nausea, visual disturbance, twitching, dizziness, and/or irritability:
    • Check the depth and gas pressure.
    • Take two or three full, deep breaths.
    • Advise your buddy.
    • Ascend.
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