Course Outline

As you complete the Open Water section, you will learn some new skills.

  • One new skill is staying with your buddy. You should remain close enough so that you can help your buddy if needed. If you get separated:
    1. You should look for one minute and then make a normal safe ascent to the surface.
    2. Inflate your Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), signal the boat, and look for your buddy on the surface.
  • You will also learn about looking after your equipment.
    • You will learn how to wash, pack, and store it for transport and further use.
    • When cleaning your equipment after it has been in salt water, some extra care is required to make sure it is not affected long term. For example, you should be careful that no water can enter the first-stage regulator where it normally connects to the gas supply.
    • The water you clean with should be free from dirt and sand. The gear should then be properly dried and stored.
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