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Objective: Perform an S-Drill, including a bubble and regulator check, while you are underwater.

Value: An S-Drill is essentially a safety drill. It is important to check that your equipment is bubble free and functioning properly.

How It’s Done: Ideally an S-Drill is performed at around 5 meters/15 feet. When you have attained neutral buoyancy at this depth, you are assured that your BCD is functioning properly. A bubble check ensures that your gear is not leaking gas unnecessarily. Breathing from both regulators ensures they are both working. Checking your gauge ensures that you have enough gas for the intended dive.

  1. Make an S signal.
  2. Signal your buddy to check you for bubbles.
  3. Lean forward so that your buddy can see your cylinder valve.
  4. Wait while your buddy checks for bubbles.
  5. Lean backward slightly so that your buddy can bubble check your BCD hose, regulator hoses, and SPG in order to confirm they are bubble free.
  6. Signal to your buddy that you are going to switch to your alternate air source.
  7. Retrieve your alternate air source, and breathe through it. Divers using a long hose must deploy the entire hose to confirm it is tangle free.
  8. Switch back to your primary regulator. Divers using a long-hose setup must re-stow and secure the excess hose.
  9. Check your console.
  10. Signal OK to your buddy.
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