Course Outline

You have earned yourself well-deserved recognition for completing a challenging diving course.

  • To get your Open Water Diver certification, you and your instructor must log the open water training for each dive you completed. In addition, you must have:
    • Completed everything within six months of registration and...
    • Mastered all the skills in accordance with the course standards and...
    • Satisfied your dive instructor that you are competent, as a certified Open Water 20 Diver, to dive in conditions similar to or better than what you have been trained in and to a maximum depth of 20 meters/66 feet.
  • Your efforts will be rewarded when you meet the ocean’s inhabitants and visit their home, which needs all the protection you can provide. They are happy that you can spend some time with them and experience the wonders of their varied lives. Remember to respect them and their home as much as you would want others to do in your own home.
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