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In the unlikely event that you are low on air or out of air, you will need to signal that you are out of air/gas and share air with your buddy. This is the same exercise you did in the first confined water dive, but now you will also do an ascent. Before you begin, make sure you are familiar with your buddy’s equipment. Here are the steps.

  1. Signal to your buddy that you are out of air.
  2. After your buddy supplies his or her primary air source to you, secure, clear, and breathe from it. Make sure you do not put the regulator in your mouth upside down!
  3. Wait for your buddy to locate, secure, clear, and breathe from his or her alternate air supply.
  4. When you are both breathing comfortably, link arms with your buddy.
  5. Remember that your buddy must check the SPG, especially the remaining air supply and depth.
  6. Signal to your buddy when you are OK.
  7. When your buddy signals you to ascend, ascend together, making sure to control your buoyancy.
  8. Once on the surface, inflate your BCD orally.
  9. Stop after you and your buddy are both positively buoyant on the surface.
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